Social Justice and Race Equity

Since justice looks different in every community, our work does too. In Chautauqua County, YWCA Jamestown is building on our success of the 21 Day Social Justice and Race Equity Challenge and the Stand Against Racism Event to bring additional educational, advocacy and public awareness events to the community.

“I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”James Baldwin

James Baldwin (1924-1987) was considered one of the greatest experts on matters of race, racism, and white consciousness in the twentieth century United States. Through his writing, Baldwin explored these topics and their relationship to American democracy, society, and the many promises of America. With his words reminding us that “history is literally present in all that we do,” join us in conversation as we reflect upon the relevancy of Baldwin’s work today.