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Lead Advocacy

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Jamestown NY has the 7th highest rates for lead poisoning in New York State excluding New York City. 

Exposure to Lead can seriously harm a child's health.

Lead can cause:

1. Damage to the brain and nervous system

2. Learning and behavior problems

3. Slowed growth and development

4. Hearing and speech problems

What is lead?

Lead is a metal that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children whose bodies and brains are still developing. 

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Lead Advocates:​

Jade Shirey

(716) 488-2237


Hillary Belin

(716) 488-2237

ext. 234

401 N. Main Street

Jamestown, NY 14701 

Where can lead be found?

Lead and lead compounds have been used in a wide variety of products found in and around our homes, including: 

  • paint

  • ceramics 

  • pipes and plumbing materials 

  • solders

  • gasoline

  • batteries

  • ammunition

  • cosmetics












What can I do to protect my child? 

Click here  for more information.

  • Test your home for lead. Paint in old houses is more likely to contain lead. 94% of houses in Jamestown NY were built before 1979 and 55.8% were built before 1940.  If you are renting, ask your landlord about lead before you sign a lease. Before you buy a home, have it inspected for lead.

  • Before any work is done on your home, learn about safe ways to make repairs. Be sure to keep your child away from areas of your home that are being repaired until work is completed and the area is clean. See the EPA's Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule Web page for more information.

  • Keep your children away from old windows, old porches, and areas with chipping or peeling paint.  If you rent your home, let your landlord know about any peeling or chipping paint. Landlords are legally required to repair lead problems found on their property.

  • Do not allow your child to play in the dirt next to your old home. Soil close to old homes can contain lead. 

  • Clean your home regularly. Wipe down floors and other level surfaces with a damp mop or sponge. Making a habit of taking shoes off at the door can reduce tracking soil or dust containing lead into the home.

  • Teach your children to wash their hands, especially before eating. Wash pacifiers and toys regularly.

  • Keep clean. If your work or hobbies involve lead, change your clothes and shoes and shower when finished. Keep your clothes at work or wash your work clothes as soon as possible.

  • Eat healthy. Give your child a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of foods that are high in calcium and iron. A good diet can help your child absorb less lead.

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