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Becky's Story

Twenty-two years ago, Becky was 17-years-old and a new mother. She had recently lost her own mother and was estranged from her father. With no place to stay and no parental guidance or financial support she found safety and encouragement at the YWCA in Jamestown. She enrolled in the Teenage Education and Motherhood (TEAM) program which provides education, counseling, childcare, and support services to pregnant teens and teen mothers while helping them to complete high school. Then Becky moved to Transitions which provides safe and affordable housing to women and children who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, as well as guidance towards developing the skills necessary to live healthy and independently.

“Without the programs at the YWCA, I would not have a high school education, would not have gone to college, and would not be the mom I am today. They taught me a lot, including how to be a mom. My children benefited from my experience at TEAM,” explains Becky.