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The statue shown here is part of a series at Dow Park in Jamestown memorializing the local Underground Railroad movement. The piece is one of three at the park created by the late David Poulin titled “Underground Railroad Tableau.” 

The statue was stolen in May of 2021. YWCA Jamestown is partnering with the local committee that was instrumental in the fundraising to create the statues to raise funds to replace the stolen art. 

Why is this important to Jamestown and how does this Stand Against Racism?


There are several reasons why the Underground Railroad was important and should be studied.

Black people played a first-hand role in their own fight for freedom. 

We may never know the motivation behind the disappearance of the statue but we can collectively decide that replacing the statue sends the message that this community cares about Black History, that we understand the importance of highlighting people of color and our rich black history in our community. We value and support Representation in Jamestown and the surrounding areas.

**To learn more about the importance of learning about the Underground Railroad today. 

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