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Social Justice

Individual Racism takes the form of individual attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors. Some examples of racist attitudes are racial prejudice, belittling, jealousy, and bigotry. Examples of racist beliefs are racial stereotypes, the belief that some races are better than others and even include the belief that people can be classified according to race in the first place.

Institutional or Systematic Racism takes the form of the practices, customs, rules, and standards of organizations that unnecessarily disadvantage people because of their race, color, or ethnicity. They do not always involve differences in treatment. Educational requirements that are not related to actual job duties are one example.

Cultural Racism is the cultural values and standards that disadvantage people because of their race, color, or ethnicity. Examples are cultural expectations as to the race of a company president and the cultural standard for what a beautiful, trustworthy or competent person looks like.

Ways YOU can make a difference:

Add your voice in issues critical to women and their families.

Help others understand the importance of racial and gender equality.

Get Involved:

  • Address Systemic & Institutional Racism

  • Participate in social justice programming

  • Object to discriminatory jokes and insults

  • Encourage dialogues on racism

  • Make the elimination of racism a priority

YOU have the power to make a difference!

We Need Your Support Today!

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