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The economic security, safety, and health of women and families are core to YWCA Jamestown’s mission. Our services strive for social justice, whether it be in the home, or the community. We build strong women leaders and advocate for equal rights.

We are more than a social services organization. We are a community of like-minded citizens coming together to create a more peaceful and just society for all–and we need your help. Join us and help YWCA Jamestown build a fearless future where all people can live free of harm and oppression.

At YWCA Jamestown we know we cannot do this work alone. Our power comes from the women and girls we serve, and it comes from our bold, passionate donors, like you, who are equally committed to the work of justice. When you support YWCA Jamestown, you amplify our ability to serve our community.


We welcome your on-line donation or drop us your contact information and we'll send an envelope in the mail. Thank you so much for your support.

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