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Women's History Month- One YWCA Shero's Lifelong Commitment To Our Kids.

If your infant was in the care of YWCA Jamestown, and then went on to be a particularly well-rounded and confident adult, it was surely thanks to one or our sheros of early child care, Nancy Holthouse, who has been nurturing the youngest children at the YWCA every weekday, year round, since 1992.

Nancy got her associates degree in Human Services from Jamestown Community College back in 1985, and went straight into serving the community: she began her career at the Jamestown Day Care Nursery as the head teacher, working there for 7 years before moving to the YWCA. Not only has she spent 37 years caring for and teaching the children of Jamestown, NY, she has been a quietly magnificent mentor and leader to everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. Coming from a family-run dairy farm, it should come as no surprise that she starts her YWCA day at 6:00 am so that local mothers and fathers can pursue careers, confident that their children are in the best possible care. Outside of work, Nancy pursues her other interests: cycling, walking, and scrap-booking.

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