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Mission Mover of the Month

“Mission Mover” of the Month


YWCA would like to recognize team members who perform their job in an exceptional manner, are supportive, and promote positivity within YWCA. Every month, an individual will be nominated and chosen as the Mission Mover of the Month. 


Criteria for the Mission Mover of the Month: 

The nominee must be a YWCA employee and be nominated by their co-workers, students/children, family members of the students/children, or themself. 


A Mission Mover is a person who: 


Promotes Inclusion

• Attempts to be actively involved in committees, fundraising initiatives, training opportunities, and other activities

•Supports the YWCA’s objectives and mission


Advances Equity

• Is helpful and supportive with co-workers, supervisors, and the families the YWCA serves

• Contributes by using their unique strengths, cultural background, home language, and abilities


Promotes Justice & Dignity for all 

• Is willing to learn, stay connected with social movements and incorporates them into programming

• Behaves with dignity and respect towards all individuals 


Anyone can nominate any employee simply by filling out and submitting a nomination form. Families,students,customers, board members and community are encouraged to submit a nomination form.


Nominators should keep in mind the criteria and write the nomination accordingly. When asked why an employee or volunteer is deserving of the award, elaborate on your response; give specific examples; using your descriptions, paint a picture of why you nominated them. Attempt to reveal in words how your nomination met the criteria. 


How it works:

Once a month, the YWCA Administration team will select a winner from the nominations by evaluating according to the previously stated criteria. 


Once the selection has been finalized, the YWCA will present the winner with a certificate signed by the Executive Director, a keepsake YWCA water bottle, a $25 gift card and will be entered into the Employee of the Year nominees that will be announced at the Annual Meeting that is held at the end of January (the following year) along with having their photograph taken. 


We ask that all 12 Mission Mover award recipients attend the Annual Meeting each year. You will be acknowledged and celebrated for this wonderful achievement. 


Those employees nominated, but were not chosen, will receive notification from YWCA that they were nominated in the weekly YWCA newsletter with the nomination description, along with being acknowledged on Facebook. 


The picture of each month’s recipient will then be displayed the Main Street location in the front lobby.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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